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Eva Kiedroňová is a globally recognised author of a unique approach to childcare and stimulation of infants in tune with their needs and their psychomotor development.

Her method is suitable mainly for parents-to-be and the parents of firstborn children. It is also highly educational for specialists who offer experience programmes focusing on the healthy development of children.

Her more than 35-year experience reflects in her books "Parents' Gentle Open Arms", "Bloom, Baby, Bloom" and "The Birth of Aquaphiles"

She has also recorded a set of educational on-line courses that go by the name "Happy Baby“.

Currently, together with her team, she is working on a comprehensive on-line club for parents, which should be launched by the end of 2021. Czech Radio and Czech TVs regularly host her in their programmes.

Social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, allow her to share her experience with many parents.

Rather than having to deal with possible health and educational problems in children's later years, she promotes "Educating Parents in Parenthood" in an effective and fun way.

For this reason, she focuses on educating specialists at home as well as abroad and is being sought after more and more.

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Eva Kiedroňová's method is focused on the correct handling of babies in tune with their needs and their psychomotor maturity. Her method is mainly suitable for expectant parents and the parents of firstborn children. Parents use it as part of their daily childcare as well as during experience programmes for children, such as exercising and swimming, in specialised BC Kenny centres. She is also being sought after by paediatricians, orthopedists, physiotherapists and specialists who provide care for the youngest babies and focus on their development as well as on leisure activities for parents with infants below the age of 1.

Eva Kiedroňová's method contains the exact description of how to handle babies, how to transfer them how to transfer

them to another person and the procedures not only during the everyday handling, but also when exercising and swimming with infants of specific ages with regards to their

behaviour and the level of their psychomotor maturity, in order to support their overall healthy development.

For easier understanding, she has named the individual handling techniques, which have now become widely accepted.

With every holding technique or activity, she describes the significance of their correct use and points out the most common mistakes as well as their consequences.

As the old saying goes - better safe than sorry. Hence the most attention and help with the preparations for the baby should go to both parents, ideally before the birth of their first child.  During that time, they are only just getting an idea of the nurturing, care and the overall approach to their long-desired baby.

Even J. A. Commenius once said:

„Everything depends on a good start“.